Rainy Liu

Rainy Liu


Determined to find prosperity through hard work and grit, Rainy Liu of Ontario, Canada poured himself full-heartedly into his chosen profession as a chef. He devoted long hours in order to secure the attention of his superiors and establish a reputation as the most industrious cook in his kitchen. However, his dedication came with a price – his endeavors required he sacrifice all his time with family and friends. They also began to take a serious toll on his mental and physical wellbeing. Rainy knew that continuing down this path would lead to dire consequences unless he took drastic measures to find a career that offered greater freedom of time and a way improve his health.


Searching for a solution, Rainy discovered Nu Skin. He soon experienced rejuvenation through using a combination of various Pharmanex products. Convinced of their efficacy, Rainy desired to learn more about distributing the products as he was intrigued by the business model presented by the company. “I often reflected upon my schedule as a chef and the cost I had paid up until that point. Did I really want to live this hectic life for the next 30-40 years? When I was honest with myself, the answer was a resounding no. Nu Skin offered a different, better path.”


Encouraged by his up line, Rainy attended the 2014 Americas Convention with his teammates and his dream began to take definite shape. Convinced that advancing through Executive ranks and qualifying for the Success Trip were within reach, he set out to begin recruiting team members with similar ambitions. “When you found an organization on the same goals and vision, you provided fortitude for one another and help each other stay the course amidst challenges. I never want to attend our trips alone; it’s always been my hope to bring my friends with me.”


Constructing his business on the fundamentals of sharing the product and opportunity with every occasion, Rainy has steadily increased his customer base and confidence. He has also learned additional lessons as he has faced adversity head on, foremost among them the importance of proactivity. “We all know that opportunity rarely comes knocking at your door. If you want to succeed in this industry, you must adhere to one simple truth: work, work, work. Always be reaching out and approaching others and your success will manifest itself eventually. It won’t be miracles, but your commitment and labor that create your fate and help you discover that next great team member.”


Having reached Ruby status, and helping his down line do the same, Rainy is living the promise he made to himself when he first started his Nu Skin journey. Currently in qualification for the next Success Trip, this enterprising young leader is continuing to model key success behaviors for his team and enjoying the greater free time he now has to invest in his loved ones.