Qun Yu


Qun Yu


Qun Yu experienced an incredibly rewarding and circuitous career path as she started as a landscape photographer in China before immigrating to the United States and becoming a tour guide in Los Angeles, in addition to owning and running an online shopping service. Industrious and thrifty, she always sought ways to keep herself productive and proactively contributing to her family’s wellbeing.


Despite her achievements after arriving in the States, Qun felt the mounting pressure to provide for her son’s education. With little command of the English language, and unfamiliar with local customs, she struggled to find a profitable venture that gelled with her particular skillset. Discouraged, yet hopeful, she set out to adopt a new profession and discovered Nu Skin. “Within a short period of time of encountering and using the products, I began to witness a transformation in my countenance. People around me began to take notice and inquired after my regimen and habits. Using the products evolved into free advertising and a perfect segue into talking about the business.”


And talk about the business she did! Qun soon found herself with a growing organization, built upon a solid foundation of both distributors and customers. She wisely relates that her secret to a thriving team is “… simply love. I love every single person that I sponsor. I appreciate their business, express my gratitude to them, and I listen to their concerns so that I might find tailored solutions. In emphasizing love in this business, I cultivate an extended family instead of just a group of business associates.”


Nu Skin has proven to be a powerful tool in helping Qun supplement her income and aiding her in taking care of her family’s needs. However, it has also provided a powerful education in leadership, instructing her in the finer arts of collaborating, service, and leading by example. Instrumental to her progress has been the influence of her up lines. “With the help of several key leaders, I have learned how to change and become a mentor myself. We have toiled in building a healthy organization that is founded in mutual encouragement and working together in harmony, aligned with a singular purpose and the incredible framework of the company’s cycles. I appreciate every lesson, every patient phone call, and each tender moment they have rendered on my behalf. We have an incredible team!”


Now Blue Diamond, Qun is dedicated more than ever to spreading her secret and loving an expanded team. To others struggling with obstacles and despair, she counsels “… believe in the power of agenda-free, honest, compassionate love. As long as we let love fill our hearts and actions, we will be assured in our convictions and we will radiate energy and passion. It’s so simple – focus on relationships and your business will bloom.”