Pamela & Marcelo Marino

Pamela & Marcelo Marino


Originally hailing from Argentina, Marcelo and Pam Marino moved to the United States shortly after their honeymoon 24 years ago and have been enchanted with their experience here ever since. While beginning careers in tennis coaching and finance, respectively, the couple also began raising a robust family of eight children. While their family was thriving and achieving the “American Dream”, Marcelo and Pam began to contemplate if there were other, more flexible opportunities available. They were determined to find a way to have a more fluid schedule that would allow for greater time spent with their children.


A conversation with Team Elite Grace Dulaney at a church event opened their eyes to just the kind of opportunity they were searching for. Impressed by Grace’s achievements as a Million Dollar Circle member, Pam began developing her Nu Skin business and quickly rose to Executive status. While juggling pregnancy and homeschooling seven children, Pam slowly built her business, focusing primarily on product sales. Two years into the venture, Marcelo began to express greater interest in joining Pam in developing the business. Once invested, he started aiding her efforts by traveling and networking with contacts in Argentina. Shortly after the launch of that market, the couple became Ruby Executives and have since ascended to Diamond status!


As they continue to expand their organization, Marcelo and Pam remain focused on their why – their family. “We look into our kids’ eyes and we know we have to make this work and we will!”  Each challenge faced and each triumph achieved is helping them realize their dream of spending more time with their children and building a more prosperous, secure future. Their next benchmark is reaching Blue Diamond and we have no doubt that they will accomplish this feat as they continue with their hardworking, coachable, and committed attitudes.