Niurka Gomez

Niurka Gomez


Originally hailing from Venezuela, Niurka began her career in marketing. After a few years of experience, Niurka started her own advertising business with a close friend, with only her cell phone and her son’s computer as infrastructure. From these humble beginnings, Niurka developed a flourishing business that soon employed twenty people and successfully secured multiple national contracts. After immigrating to Miami in support of her husband’s career, Niurka continued to develop and support her business internationally.


In January 2011 however, the contracts were canceled and the agency quickly entered crisis mode. The strain of these losses, coupled with the difficulty in managing from afar, left Niurka with no option but to return to Venezuela to salvage the business.


While facing this looming defeat, her friend Andreina reached out to her with the promise of an alternative opportunity that could allow Niurka to remain in the US, if it proved successful. Providing a facial demonstration, Andreina introduced Niurka to Nu Skin’s anti-aging product line and she was immediately intrigued.


Shortly thereafter, Niurka began her business and quickly established herself as an Executive leader. Taking a trip to corporate headquarters, Niurka recognized that Nu Skin had the potential to reward and empower her far beyond what her traditional business could offer.


In April 2012, she decided to close the doors on the advertising agency and dedicate 100% of her time to Nu Skin. Her business has transformed from a traditional structure to one built on partners (not employees), working from home, free of high operating costs, and fostering team-work with a new family – her up lines and organization!


Being and belonging to a force for good fundamentally inspires Niurka daily. Her new dream is to have an organization with thousands of distributors all around the world, sharing with each of them the opportunity and aiding them in looking and living younger.