Mallory Moss

Mallory Moss


“Mallory Moss is getting National attention as she is driving a lot of attention to her business, “The Mallory Project.” In three short months, Mallory achieved Ambassador for Nourish the Children and became an Executive Distributor. You may be wondering, “What’s special about that, people do that all the time.” Mallory is a very special person considering the challenges she has faced – she is a Special Needs Adult! At the age of 5, Mallory developed severe epilepsy. For most individuals with epilepsy, seizures are controlled with medication, but that would not be the case for Mallory. She struggled with her seizures, but maintained an A average in elementary school. Unfortunately, by the age of 9, Mallory’s seizures had progressed to the point she could no longer function and was forced into a wheelchair. There were no other options available but to resort to brain surgery. Over a fourteen month time span, physicians removed most of Mallory’s left frontal lobe and separated the right and left sides of her brain by 2/3rds. As a result of the surgery and uncontrolled seizure activity, Mallory became developmentally delayed. Despite this, Mallory is very functional and graduated from High School with a Special Needs Diploma.


In December, The Mallory Project, LLC was developed to provide Mallory with an opportunity to continue her work serving the less fortunate and create a business of her own. Mallory is a visual learner and has become quite the spokesperson for Nourish the Children and the Force for Good Foundation. Last month, Mallory was responsible for 74 VitaMeal donations, the majority of which were on monthly ADR's. In addition, Mallory had customers purchase other products such as Future


Serum and Body Galvanic. Mallory is very proud to have accomplished her early goals with Nu Skin, she has business cards, her own business, and in fact has become part of the Force for Good – now you know the rest of the story. Mallory’s story was published as a nationally syndicated news story in 2001 entitled, “A Little Girl’s Brain.” She has also been featured in Woman’s World Magazine and other periodicals. Mallory is responsible for a law on the Georgia books entitled “Mallory’s Act” that provides permanent extensions to the age of 18 for permanently disabled children’s parking permits. “