Leah Accola

Leah Accola


A native of the San Francisco Bay Area, Leah Accola has always been driven to succeed. Upon graduating in business and finance, she quickly began a prestigious twelve year career in the healthcare industry. She started as a financial consultant to hospitals and later advanced to the critical role of a provider-relations representative for a prominent compounding pharmacy.

Little did Leah know that it would be her extensive connections with local providers that would provide a gateway to an even more impressive opportunity. One of the doctors’ offices Leah frequently worked with was regularly using the Biophotonic Scanner in their practice. Curious about the device, Leah investigated further and was lead to Nu Skin.


Leah’s first success came in finding likeminded individuals who were searching for greater financial freedom and more time to spend with their families. Enrolling herself and six others as LOIs was the first step and that experience gave her confidence “… that there are people out there looking for what Nu Skin has to offer.”


Leah knows that succeeding in the business requires immense support. Not only have her up line leaders played crucial roles in her development as a leader, but her sister, Michelle, and husband have been pivotal as well. Michelle has been involved with Leah’s business from the beginning and when not busy presenting at meetings, they frequently spend time bouncing ideas off each other and tackling obstacles together. “Sometimes it’s just nice for someone to remind you why you decided to do this business. It is so important to find your friend in the business, someone who won’t let you quit. Having a supportive husband who checks your volumes for you at the end of the month helps a lot too!


As she anxiously awaits attending the upcoming Success Trip with her sister, Leah is focused on her next goal – completing the transition from her current career to her Nu Skin business full-time. With her resilient dedication and support network, we have no doubt Leah will rapidly accomplish her goal.