Dr. Larry and Cheryl Couture

Dr. Larry and Cheryl Couture


Prior to joining Nu Skin, Cheryl Couture thrived as an IT project manager while her husband, Dr. Larry Couture, operated a family medical practice. Their commendable work ethic was adopted by their three children, all of whom went on to work in the medical field and with Nu Skin as well. It’s little wonder that powerful, inspiring distributor leaders would arise from such a motivated and determined family.


The Coutures’ first exposure to Nu Skin came via Cheryl’s sister, Debra, recommending the products for personal use. Cheryl was impressed immediately with the effectiveness of the products, ecstatic with finally finding products that genuinely met their efficacy claims. Enthused by her results, Cheryl proclaimed “And what do you do when you fall in love with something? You share your passion with everyone!”


While beginning to build the foundation of their team, Dr. Larry and Cheryl learned personally the importance of taking action. Albeit focused and with firm goals set in place, their business did not grow significantly until they took initiative by holding regular meetings and trainings in their private office. This measurable pledge to demonstrate their commitment and duplicate their up lines’ model of success granted them their first triumphs, while helping them establish a strong, local organization. “We are firm believers in the concept of duplication and strive to lead by example."


When faced with the adversity that attends any business venture, the Coutures take time to refocus on their “why” – “to retire as an entire family, that we might be a force for good and aid those who are not as fortunate. There is no greater reward in this journey than to help those in need.” With this compassionate drive fueling their every endeavor, Dr. Larry and Cheryl have set themselves on a path to meaningful and lasting success. We celebrate their recent achievement of reaching Team Elite status and applaud their pledge to be leaders of substance and character.