Kiet Nguyen

Kiet Nguyen


My name is Kiet and I’m a Blue Diamond Executive from Miami, Florida. My journey began several years ago when I was introduced to Nu Skin by my future mentor and leader, Dean Nguyen. At that time, I was pursuing my dream to earn my Masters of Business Administration, return to Vietnam, and work for a Fortune 500 company. Additionally, once back in my home country, I wanted to help my friends join me at said company and improve their lives. However, the opportunity that Nu Skin provided continued to intrigue me. After thoroughly researching the business, I determined that I could find greater success with Nu Skin. When Vietnam was announced as the newest market for Nu Skin Enterprises, I was elated with the chance to fulfill my dreams and bring a better business opportunity to my friends back home.


When I first began developing my Nu Skin business, I encountered regular obstacles and challenges. My very first forays into developing a network were met with regular rejection as I visited every nail and beauty salon in my area. But I refused to give up! I had seen the number of millionaires Nu Skin had created (and was continuing to do so weekly) and I was determined to take my place amongst them. Despite numerous setbacks, I proved resilient and began to find individuals interested in the opportunity and thus, my business started to flourish.


Now three years later, I am amazed by the degree of my success and the joy it has brought my life. I am currently working fervently to become a Team Elite later this year and eventually make it to that prestigious Million Dollar Circle. As one acquainted with adversity and rejections, I urge you not to give up. Your success is waiting for you, if you remain persistent and determined.