Katrina Ho & Tu Khong

Katrina & Tu Khong


Prior to joining Nu Skin, Katrina and Tu Khong were employed as a teacher and youth counselor, respectively. They found themselves drawn together and bound by a mutual passion to help others achieve their purpose in life. This shared devotion eventually drove them to seek out new career opportunities that would allow them to more vividly realize their dream.


Their first exposure to the business came via purchasing products to improve their parents’ health and wellbeing. That positive product experience, coupled with increasing exposure to the company and other distributors per a visit to corporate headquarters in Utah, began to stimulate their interest in Nu Skin. After counseling together, they decided to enroll and begin building an organization.


Life became increasingly more exciting upon reaching Executive status. The vast potential of the business opportunity inspired this couple to adopt an additional goal for their lives - help as many people as possible achieve greater personal, career, and financial freedom.


However, excitement didn’t mean smooth sailing to success. The road to becoming Ruby Executives and qualifying for the Success Trip proved particularly challenging. Throughout the qualification process they faced numerous obstacles, yet Katrina and Tu remained resolute as they were bolstered by the efforts and successes of fellow team members. These experiences helped them forge a familial bond with their team that has blessed and enriched their lives. “Every time we get discouraged or faced a hardship, we just look to our team. We find renewed purpose as we witness their triumphs, giving us the encouragement and motivation we need to revisit our hurdles with greater energy to overcome.”


At the center of their amazing support system rests their up line leaders. “They motivate and teach us everything that we know about this business,” they exclaimed, while expressing their gratitude for their leaders being present amidst their tough times and successes.


Now Blue Diamonds, Katrina and Tu are currently working towards their ambitious goal of not only attending the next Success Trip, but also bringing along multiple down lines with them. They are exerting daily, consistent effort to aid their down line in advancing in title. “Through helping other people and making them our priority, we know we will achieve our big goals and continue being successful in Nu Skin!