Joy & Gordon Daniel

Joy & Gordon Daniel


Hailing from Canada as professional engineers, Joy and Gordon Daniel were firmly entrenched in their careers when the stress of their schedules began to take a toll on their spare time with their family. Treasuring nothing more than their two precious boys, Joy and Gordon discussed alternatives that would provide them with freedom of time, without sacrificing their income. Additionally, they desired to forge a future that would allow them to travel, participate in humanitarian work, and leave a definitive legacy for good. With such important ambitions, the couple began searching fervently for a new venture that would allow them to achieve their dreams.


Early in 2012, Joy and Gordon were approached by a friend about Nu Skin. Ready and eager to learn more, the two traveled to Provo, Utah to learn firsthand the story and structure of this unique business opportunity. With hands held and hearts aligned, they vowed to embark upon the distributor journey together.


A critical moment arose several months into the business when one of their frontline Executives experienced remarkable results in expanding their team internationally. “Seeing is believing and we saw tremendous growth and success right before our eyes. The impact was pivotal in transforming our belief and confidence in the opportunity. From that point forward we were in 100%.”


Another instrumental component to their success has been the influence and leadership of their Team Elite leader, Jeffrey Lee. His world-class professional development and coaching has been invaluable. Additionally, they have learned from Jeffrey the importance of working as one team with up line and side line leaders. “Simply said, we love him! He leads by example and gets things done. He has taught us the fundamentals of believing in ourselves, committing to growing, and being open to coaching. These behaviors have formed the foundation of our success.”


As this couple strives towards Blue Diamond, Joy and Gordon are taking concerted action to strengthen their current leaders, while attracting new business builders by bringing them to distributor and corporate events. This multifaceted approach to teambuilding has proven successful, placing them in qualification for our next Success Trip.