Jenny Nguyen

Jenny Nguyen


Prior to immigrating to the United States, Jenny Nguyen was an accomplished pharmacist in Vietnam. Upon arrival, she experienced a career transition and became a beauty consultant. This extensive professional background proved to be the perfect preparation for a successful Nu Skin career.


Shortly after the birth of her third child, Jenny was approached by a distant relative about Nu Skin. With a newborn on her hands, Jenny’s time was limited, but she still made an effort to listen to Dean Nguyen’s conference calls. It was during this formative time that Jenny made a decision to start her own business.


Despite her enthusiasm, Jenny ran into obstacles. All of her first contacts, including family members, were not interested. Thoughts like “I am not proficient in English. I don’t have a lot of friends here in the U.S. I am so busy with my children and my career, how am I supposed to do Nu Skin?” began to overwhelm her. With knowing timeliness, her up lines reached out and stepped in. They set up a successful meeting with Jenny and her family, which helped her achieve her first signups.


A flurry of additional signups and business activity soon followed, which resulted in an unprecedented amount of growth and earnings. “I realized at this point the business is real; the check is concrete evidence of that fact. This business will give me the financial freedom, time, and travel opportunities that I want to share with my family.”

Jenny is currently working towards her goal of achieving Blue Diamond status. Knowing that such an important benchmark requires significant effort, she is committed to offering at least three product demonstrations every day to new customers, on top of her busy meeting and conference call schedule. With such passion and commitment to business building fundamentals, we know that Jenny will achieve her dreams soon.