Guan Yun Lin

Guan Yun Lin


Hailing from China, Guan Yun Lin longed to pursue a life rich with beauty and purpose abroad, so she set out for the most bustling and diverse destination she knew of – New York.  After her arrival, she spent the initial portion of her career in clothing retail and providing nail services. She recognized early on however that she would need to seek a different professional course if she was going to accomplish her dream.


Guan Yun eventually found the direction she sought when she was formally introduced to Nu Skin by a fellow retail professional, Yanjin Zhuo. The two quickly began their tutelage under Jian Zhang and launched their individual enterprises. While the opportunity looked promising, it was the Facial Spa that sparked Guan Yun’s interest to pursue things further. Eager to share with friends the remarkable results of the device, she embarked upon her newfound journey with vim and vigor. Just six short months later, still brimming with enthusiasm for her venture, she attended Global Convention. Her attendance proved to be a transformative experience. She fondly reflects, “That event opened my eyes! It was there, encompassed by likeminded leaders and other new executives, that I learned what this company is really about. I can’t stress the importance of attending corporate events enough. There you will find the moments that crystalize your conviction and teach you the depths of Nu Skin’s culture.”


With motivation abounding, Guan Yun left Convention ready to delve further into building her business. Yet, despite her boundless passion, success was not immediate. She faced countless obstacles in her quest to forge a steadfast group, with her adversity ultimately culminating in the complete loss of her front line executive leaders. “That was the most difficult time, by far. Having dear friends and associates leave the business, I was naturally disheartened by their choices to forgo this rewarding opportunity. And as a consequence of their departure, I saw my commissions decrease substantially, which further demoralized me. It felt as though all the hard work I had invested in our team was crumbling away. However, I learned that failures are temporary and that they pave the path to success, if you can learn from them. This experience proved invaluable as it taught me the critical importance of never forsaking your dream, even when things appear dire.”


Looking back, Guan Yun contemplates on the numerous ways Nu Skin has changed her life. One recent experience that proved particularly instructive was the Success Trip. Not only did it turn out to be a thrilling vacation, but it also expanded her perspective on what is important in life. “Before the trip, I only set goals concerning increasing my income as a means to provide for my family. Now that I have seen the incredible aspirations of others, I am able to dream more vividly, more generously. I now actively seek the welfare of others as part of my vision for the future.”


As a new Blue Diamond, Guan Yun is bristling with excitement for what awaits her and her team. While making plans to help her down line advance and prosper, she hasn’t lost sight of her next personal benchmark – becoming Team Elite. She plans on reaching this esteemed title by resolving to keep learning and actively growing her organization, all the while finding ways to be a force for good and aiding those less fortunate around the world. Guan Yun is confident that with Nu Skin she has finally found the beautiful life she set out to discover, all those years ago.