Dr. Xiao Qi Wu

Dr. Xiao Qi Wu


A classically trained doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, Dr. Xiao Qi Wu began his career working for Beijing Children’s Hospital. In 1986, an opportunity to study at Japan National Medical & Pharmaceutical University presented itself, leading Dr. Wu to achieving a doctorate in Pharmacological Research. In 2000, he immigrated to Vancouver, British Columbia and started his own integrated Chinese & Western medical practice, and has flourished ever since.


Dr. Wu’s first exposure to Nu Skin’s products was through ageLOC Vitality and its powerful Cordyceps ingredient. Impressed by the composition of the product and vetting the clinical research supporting it, he began recommending its usage to his clients. The introduction of this compelling supplement to their health regimens lead to a demonstrable improvement in their well-being. These positive results encouraged an intensive period of research into the full product offering of the ageLOC and Pharmanex lines, with Dr. Wu examining every aspect of the products’ formulation, clinical studies, and efficacy. “As both a physician and medical researcher, I’m committed to finding and using the very best products in aiding my patients.”


Dr. Wu now takes his extensive knowledge of Nu Skin supplements out to the field to frequently conduct trainings for his down line and prospects. He routinely counsels those in attendance to “believe in this company, believe in the products, and believe in yourself to make the right choice”, while committing to continually study both the company’s compelling business opportunity and industry-leading products. His team focuses on finding individuals with professional degrees that are career-minded and fully committed to building a proper business. And the results are astounding – Dr. Wu’s organization is expanding into a stable, broad, and capable group of leaders.


As one of Nu Skin’s newest Blue Diamonds, Dr. Wu’s next goal is to assist other members of his thriving team in joining him on stage as Blue Diamonds themselves.