Dinh Luong

Dinh Luong


Dinh Luong’s journey to success began quite literally as she fled Vietnam as a refugee in 1986. Suffering immeasurable tragedy and losing family members in the process, Dinh vowed that she would honor their memory and build something lasting once she gained her freedom.


Upon arriving in the US, Dinh immediately began building her future and enrolled in accounting school. After graduation, she quickly found employment with Hyatt Hotels, while also meeting her husband and beginning a family. Dinh worked 19 years in the hospitality industry before severe revenue losses lead to layoffs. Beyond the shock of losing her job, she was faced with the reality that she had never considered a plan B. With no insurance or prospective career on the horizon, Dinh decided she needed to go into business for herself and no longer be at the mercy of others’ management.


The concept of leverage began to intrigue Dinh and she started exploring different direct selling companies. After investigating several opportunities, Dinh was fortunate to meet Dean Nguyen. She discovered that they had a shared past – Dean’s mother was her French teacher in Vietnam. This reconnection to her past and the potential of the opportunity instantly fueled her passion to start this business and invigorated her with a sense of purpose. This was the career she had been searching for!


Dinh’s training began in earnest as she voraciously participated in trainings, conference calls, and webinars to learn the fundamentals of the business. Most importantly, she learned the vital lesson that only in helping one’s team succeed, can an executive experience true success.


That commitment to selfless service is shaping Dinh’s goals - she is currently striving for both Ambassador and Blue Diamond status by the end of the year. She remains positive and encourages distributors to do the same. “It’s never too late to dream BIG and take actions to make your dream come true!”