Chau & Cindy Pham

Chau & Cindy Pham


When Chau Pham left his home in Vietnam in 1992 to pursue an education in the United States, he was motivated to find his own path to prosperity. Immediately, Chau set out to begin securing his college degree, gainful employment, and other opportunities that would provide greater freedom for his future family. After years of diligent effort and commitment, Chau earned an engineering degree and began his career in the facilities industry. However, after a considerable amount of time, he experienced an epiphany that changed his perspective on his job. “After 15 years of hard work, I realized that all of my effort and dedication was given in the pursuit of achieving someone else’s dream. I needed an opportunity that would allow me to find my success, and contribute to achieving my goals and dreams.”


Not long after, Chau and his loving wife Cindy were introduced to Nu Skin by some dear friends. Cindy, already invested and working in the beauty business, was instantly impressed and fell in love with the products. Chau on the other hand did not see the merit in the opportunity right away, but supported Cindy’s desire to enroll as a distributor. After joining Cindy in attending a distributor event held in Utah, Chau’s perspective changed and he became excited at the vast possibilities provided by the company.


With both Chau and Cindy dedicated to growing their business, they reached out to friends and relatives who owned salons around their Las Vegas home. Success came quickly as their organization started to flourish and the couple soon earned Ruby Executive status.  Nu Skin has provided Chau with his long sought after dream of working for himself instead of others, and additionally, transformed his life. “Even more importantly, I have changed fundamentally and become a better person. I live now with greater integrity and I am thrilled to be better role model for our daughters. I’m a new man!”


Chau and Cindy now have their sights set on reaching Blue Diamond status and becoming more capable and prominent leaders of their team. With an organization founded on trust, their business continues to grow and this couple looks forward to continued success. “While it may be a long journey, the idea of a bright future for our family keeps us motivated and fearless in the face of challenges that may come our way. We have found that this extraordinary path leads to true freedom and we are committed to share the blessings of this opportunity with as many people as we can.”