Charlene Zhang

Charlene Zhang


An aspiring Business Administration graduate from Kwantlen Polytechnic University, Charlene Zhang was on the lookout for a compelling opportunity to develop her acumen as a businesswoman. When a friend approached her about Nu Skin, she could hardly anticipate that said career stood right before her.


Becoming an Executive leader proved to be an organic process, as she casually referred products to her friends. “It was in that initial phase that I began to realize this was more than just great products - it was the precise starting business I had been searching for. Nu Skin’s culture of independence and personal accountability called to me. I was in, 100%.”


The transition to a full-time career with Nu Skin occurred when Charlene began focusing on fundamentals. She regularly entertained spa parties for college associates, while routinely utilizing social media tools to promote her business. Additionally, by taking action and building her business hands on, Charlene soon found herself presenting at local meetings, which lead to bolstered confidence. Several months after deciding to make Nu Skin her profession, Charlene reached Ruby Executive status.


On the cusp of becoming a Blue Diamond, Charlene was exhausted by her recruiting efforts. Shy of that new title by one Executive breakaway, she counseled with her upline Boya Wu. Boya’s advice and encouragement inspired Charlene to find an inner reserve of motivation, which spurred her on to an intense period of business building. As the month’s deadline loomed closer, Charlene utilized every resource and late in the final evening, she secured her final Executive. She beamed “If it hadn’t been for Boya, I couldn’t have done it. She not only showed me the way, she gave me courage in moment when I felt like I had none left. She showed me the perfect model for managing a business and how to solve problems – get involved. I never felt like a project. She was there for me, and it made all the difference.”


Newly Blue Diamond, Charlene Zhang is an exemplary leader who is currently working toward her dream of becoming Team Elite. She knows that to accomplish this feat will require her continued mirroring of Boya’s example and helping her team achieve success first.