Carrie Hudson-Wilkins

Carrie Hudson-Wilkins


A devoted nurse, Carrie Hudson-Wilkins dedicated her life over the past 30 years to helping her patients thrive and enjoy healthier lives. As her career went on however, Carrie became increasingly frustrated with the healthcare industry’s focus on repairing damage done rather than preventing it and encouraging wellness.


She began looking for an opportunity to focus on wellness and hired a business executive coach to help her transition to a more fitting profession. Her advisor brought up Nu Skin as a possible venture on three separate occasions, but each time Carrie politely declined. The fourth time her coach brought up the subject, she asked Carrie to look at Pharmanex. Having known of Pharmanex supplements from the Physician’s Desk Reference, she agreed to attend a local Nu Skin/Pharmanex event. During the course of the meeting, Carrie heard from Team Elite leaders and was impressed by the business. Moved by their stories, Carrie booked herself a flight to Provo to attend the next Team Elite University and dispel the last of her hesitations. That TEU experience reawakened the hopes and dreams she had entertained for healthcare and wellness when she first embarked upon her career as a nurse. Inspired and educated, Carrie chose to surrender her nursing license and begin building her Nu Skin business full-time.


Carrie still remembers her first success, when she performed a half-face demonstration of the Galvanic Spa and scanned another customer with the Biophotonic Scanner. The resulting ADR purchases far exceeded her expectations and confirmed her resolve that Nu Skin’s products are truly the difference demonstrated. This positive experience with the signup process and business opportunity inspired her to keep building her organization.


As our newest Ruby, Carrie is committed to bringing her team with her on the next Success Trip. She plans on utilizing the blueprint of leadership provided by her up line, which focuses on fostering accountability, sincere encouragement, working closely with one’s account manager, and personally modeling successful business behaviors for her team.