Amy Wu & Fang Xue

Amy Wu & Fang Xue


I studied Education at the University of British Columbia, but didn’t pursue a traditional career route as an elementary school teacher. Instead, I used my training to open my own daycare center, which paired my love of teaching children with another important priority in my life - being  my own boss.


Three years later I came to the realization that while I loved my work in daycare, I needed a career path that allowed for greater mobility and flexibility. In October 2011, I was blessed to attend the Nu Skin global convention. The experience was transformative; it opened my eyes to the possibility of gaining that kind of career. From that moment forward I knew Nu Skin was the path that I was searching for. I had been using and loving Nu Skin products for almost 12 years prior to convention, but it was only through attending the event that I learned how amazing the Nu Skin business opportunity was as well!


I am very grateful for my first executive breakaway, Theresa Li. She placed her trust in me while I was beginning to master the fundamentals of the business. Her willingness to be coached was critical to building my confidence as a leader and this trait has proven to make her a remarkable leader herself. She’s now a Ruby Executive and continuing to thrive.


My relationship with Theresa has taught me much about the nature of success. I feel a great responsibility to work hard with my down line. That is the great secret to success. Genuinely help others achieve success and you will find it too. Reach out to your down line. Aid your sidelines when they struggle. Work with and follow your up line - they are a phenomenal resource. We are all part of a team and by working and encouraging one another, greatness is bound to happen!