Bijou Kim



As a professional cosmetics sales representative, Bijou Kim loved her career due to the flexibility it provided. Raising children required a majority of her time, and due to chronic fatigue, she needed a profession where she could make her own schedule and determine her work load. After five years of selling products for her employer, Bijou encountered Nu Skin through an associate. She resolved to leverage her considerable experience in sales and take greater control of her time with this unique way of doing business.


With no prior network marketing experience, Bijou was reluctant at first to directly engage her contacts. After her up line took the time to comprehensively explain Nu Skin’s compensation plan and business model, she began to understand the scope and scale of this incredible opportunity. “I was able to begin recruiting customers by sharing my personal experiences. By becoming a ‘product of the product’ and using the recommended skin care regimen, my countenance took on a healthier glow and people began to take notice. My face did all the ‘talking’ for me and the results did wonders for my self-confidence.”


Throughout her journey as a Nu Skin executive leader, Bijou has often faced challenges that seemed insurmountable. She persists through these times with perspective and hope, often found in others’ success stories. “I have found that by reading and listening intently to other peoples’ accounts of how they faced adversity and conquered it, I can glean solutions to help me face the obstacles that stand before me. If others have succeeded in spite of rejection, failure, and resistance, than surely I can too!”


Currently striving to reach Ruby status and solidify her organization, Bijou has set concrete goals and dedicates a portion of her day to revisiting them, while continuing to work on her personal development. She counsels those who are struggling, “If you are committed to this business, then you will make your transformation into a leader a priority. You will ensure that you open your mouth and meet new people daily, and you will practice your presentations relentlessly until they become second nature. With this degree of passion and routine refinement of your goals, you too can build a successful team. We are here to grow and give vision to our down lines, to show them the way to prosperity. All we have to do is take action.”