Bev Schauble

Bev Schauble


A veteran cosmetologist of 29 years, who spent over a decade as the sole proprietor of a salon, Bev Schauble had seen many claims to scientific breakthroughs in skincare. When she encountered Nu Skin’s revolutionary ageLOC facial spa and the attendant product line she knew she had found something different.


Captivated by the products and underlying opportunity, Bev dug deeper. The company’s unique business structure allowed for greater freedom and potential for income than any other venture she had previously experienced. “I knew right then I didn’t want to be back behind the chair and trade my precious time for money. I knew I didn’t want to spend two hours a day commuting in my car. What I did want was to create my own income, be my own boss, and be paid what I knew I was worth.”


It was an excursion to Provo, Utah for a Team Elite University training that solidified her commitment. Upon seeing firsthand the culture of this unrivaled distributor force, Bev resolved to partner with Nu Skin. “I knew I had found my home, where I belonged. This was where I could make a difference in the lives of family members and others.”


Throughout her journey Bev has regularly leaned upon the steady support of her up line, side line, and corporate allies. Each has played a critical role in helping her understand that in order for a network to mature, it requires routine action and time. As she has listened to this counsel she has had her fears assuaged and her vision expanded. She now sets her sights higher, striving to build a stable team that will endure the challenges ahead and provide the abundance she seeks.


Bev attributes her tremendous success to simple consistency. By committing to the counsel of her leaders, mirroring their system of duplication, and daily tending to her organization, Bev has reached Diamond status. She advises new leaders thusly “Stay steady. Show up. Lead from your heart. If you can master these, you are bound to succeed.”