Scanner Operator Pack (FR) 550 Pack

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Scanner Operator Pack (FR) 550 Pack

Scanning is now easier than ever with the brand new Scan Card.
The Scan Card replaces the paper scan certificates that have been used since the launch of the Scanner. Scan Cards are reusable - the card will be used for both and initial and subsequent scans.


The Scanner Portfolio brochure is a valuable tool that provides useful information regarding the Pharmanex BioPhotonic Scanner, including how the Scanner works, factors that influence a person's Scanner score, and what a Scanner score means, and how to raise your score with LifePak.


Help your customers keep track of their Skin Carotenoid Score and their upcoming appointments with these Scanner Score Tracker Cards. They are designed with your convenience in mind. There is enough room to note down 12 scores and scan appointment dates plus key information such as the ADR order number linked to the Scan Card and the Scan Card number. These Scanner Score Tracker Cards can also double as business cards because there is space for you to add your Scanner Operator contact details.

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