Thys van Molendorff and Rayno van Vuuren

Thys van Molendorff and Rayno van Vuuren



Thys van Molendorff

I studied marketing after school and thereafter completed my private pilot license. In 2000, I started working with my dad in the sales and merchandising industry, but soon realise that if I wanted to make more money I needed to get my own contracts and start my own business. Two years later, I started my own business. This was almost the perfect business. It offered lots of free time, good money and highly consumable products that people needed on a daily basis in the retail environment, except for one fact, you could lose a contract in 30 days. That was okay in my late twenties because it was really good money, but I knew I had to change my situation of zero financial stability very soon.


Rayno van Vuuren


After I left school, I got involved in the financial advice industry and after a few years, started my own company called Financial Intelligence Group. For 13 years, I built a successful business and won numerous Diamond Awards for top production and sustainable financial advice. I realised that the industry could suck you in completely and rob you from having a fulfilled and balanced life, which I believe is one of the most important fundamentals in life and happiness. Another important element was that in my previous industry, I was jobless every day because I had to start over and do new business to survive every month. 


Partnering with Nu Skin® meant that we could build a business that has the ability to give us the freedom of time, enabling us to be able to spend more time with the most important people in our lives. It is gratifying to see people in our team succeed and become successful. To know that we had a hand in their success makes you wake up each morning wanting to share this amazing story with many more people!


In June 2008, we attended the Ruby Trip and this was a defining moment in our Nu Skin® careers because it was then that we fully understood the significance of the company that we did business with for that first year. This was one trip that we would never forget!


The future of ageLOC® excites us so much because we know in the next few years we will see many more people in our team as well as new people become very successful, and by spending time with those people and helping them build their business we will also enjoy the financial rewards.


We want to thank every person in our business, upline and downline that played a role in our success. We believe that there will be many more wonderful occasions where we would spend time together and talk about the most important decision we all made in our lives and that is to become partners of this amazing company.


We were part of the founding group that established Nu Skin Enterprises in South Africa and in the beginning, there were a lot of challenges, but looking back now, we know that when your WHY is big enough with hard and consistent work, your HOW will present itself automatically. The key to this business is to have a big WHY but also to take ownership of your business and to consistently share the ageLOC® story because there are many people out there waiting to hear it!



Good Luck!