Galya Peretz

Galya Peretz


Most of us are familiar with the movie Never Ending Story, about the way Fantasia disappears when Nothing takes over. What we need to do in order to keep it and re-build it is to dare to dream… DARE TO DREAM and build your own fantasia.

My name is Galya Peretz (improved single), I live in Israel and the world is my home. In my profession I'm a homeopath and nutritional consultant. About 5 years ago my life changed when I was introduced to Nu Skin and immediately felt that joining this amazing family actually means taking part in a revolution that will change the life of thousands of people around the world!

The best thing that happened to me was that thanks to Nu Skin's global seamless Compensation Plan, I had the privilege of taking part in the opening of the Ukrainian market, a market I truly believe in, with friends who are amazing partners. I'm confident you'll hear a lot about them in the future! In my personal life I made many sacrifices and thanks to my determination and endless perseverance I created transformation.


They say that when the pupil is ready, the mentor arrives… I thank the All Mighty God and all my partners, in Israel and abroad, for your willingness to support me and my amazing organization. My vision is to lead thousands of people around the world to true change, physical and mental health and develop leaders for current generations and generations to come.


Remember - only love brings love, always!