Bridget-Jane Long


I have a business background dating from my early teens, first being part of a team in my father's catering business and then went on to own my own restaurant and clothing business in Paris, where I lived for 22 years. I am also a certified life coach and image consultant. I was first introduced to Nu Skin at the end of 2010 in France, by my sponsor Arianne Hoffmann, and shortly afterwards met with my soon to be Blue Diamond upline, and now fantastic friend, Carine Barrell.
  The possibilities of being able to recommend the extraordinary products to the people I was working with as a life coach and consultant immediately became apparent. However, after returning to my native Dorset in March 2011 I decided to concentrate more on Nu Skin, having fully seized the enormous potential that this opportunity presented to me on my home soil. I faced enormous challenges, having been away for so many years, with virtually no network of people, all my uplines in France, and nothing in place on the south coast aswell as huge personal challenges running alongside in my life. In September I made the decision to really focus, to take full responsibility and set up weekly meetings in Bournemouth, and then qualified as a Ruby executive on the 24th December.
My journey with this unbelievable company is the most empowering and incredible experience. The opportunity to share the vision of my dream with the 2000 or so people at the kick off in London of this year was a life changing experience, and an enormous boost to my level of self belief, thanks to the hugely positive feedback from so many people. The professional ongoing support from the office with David Thompson, Lars and Cara (amongst others) has been absolutely crucial as I had no direct help "on the ground", and of course the team of fantastic people whom I work with in Dorset. I would particularly like to thank Kristjan Kristjansson, who has also provided me with enormous support and encouragement since arriving in Dorset a few months ago, and lastly, but most importantly, the unwavering support and understanding from my mother and incredible and beautiful daughter Rose, who has just recently started her own journey with Nu Skin, whilst still studying for her degree at university.
This business is fun, exciting, challenging and life changing. This unbelievable company never ceases to amaze and inspire me, and I would just like to say a huge, heartfelt and thousand fold thank you to all.