Iva Nerad Buriánková & Vojtěch Nerad

Iva Nerad Buriánková

Iva Buriánková

In life, there are no random meetings. I got to meet Nu Skin when I was looking for a new direction…

I worked as an entrepreneur, who fulfilled a dream by opening an organic shop in downtown Prague. During my university years at Charles University, where I studied history and social science, I worked in the area of organic food as an employee of a chain of organic shops in Prague. I was in charge of managing the stores and communicating with suppliers and customers. After the owner changed and I completed my education, I got involved in the promotion of organic food for non-profit organisations. But I soon realised that I was missing the business aspect, so I found an interesting location and after two months, I opened my own organic food store.

I belong among those who need to see the sense in their work and daily activities and get regular feedback to keep moving  forward. I ran the organic food store for three years and I saw the movement forward only in some areas, but mostly I felt nothing in the area of personal development. So I was in this state-of-mind when I was invited to a Nu Skin presentation in May 2010.

The first product demonstration left me emotional. I was thrilled by the results of my first ageLOC Galvanic Spa treatment and I was also completely captivated by the Pharmanex BioPhotonic Scanner. In addition, I was fortunate to have met Marianna Horvath during the presentation, whose energy and enthusiasm could not be resisted and I am grateful that she guided me with the same vigour at the beginning of our collaboration.

After the first presentation, I signed up as a Distributor and left with 1,000 Personal Sales Volume worth of products. On my way home, I was already wondering who else in my neighbourhood needs Nu Skin products. In two days, I was supposed to go on vacation to the sea with my sister, but before leaving, I still managed to mention the business opportunity to my friend and bank manager. I knew she had a great sense of business and finance. So my first Distributor, Sabina Korotvickova, signed up when I was on vacation. Today, she and her sister, Patricia Lacinova, are Diamonds and they are one of my greatest leaders! I remember how we used to "fight" together at the beginning and how we used to support each other.

After returning from vacation in June, I managed to qualify as an Executive while I was still involved in the organic food business, where I also held a job. I became a Ruby Executive in September of the same year, i.e. four months after my registration and at that time I met my current husband Vojta, who attended the Ruby Trip with me as my partner.

My life began to change, my lifestyle began to improve and interesting people started coming my way. I sold the store and began to focus fully on Nu Skin and gained more support from my husband Vojta.  

Two are better than one and that goes for Nu Skin. My husband Vojta worked as a nurse and at the beginning he helped me enormously with addressing and recommending contacts. Already together, we achieved the Diamond pin title within a year and we began to devote our time to plan and organise the building of our business. Beginnings are often connected with a great passion and finding the best way, but if you find it, you will become a leader who is a role model and who inspires!

I had a wish and set a goal that I would celebrate my 30th birthday as a Blue Diamond. I celebrated my 30th birthday on 19 April, 2013 and we completed the qualification for the Blue Diamond pin title on 31 March, 2013!

If I had to answer how Nu Skin has changed my life, dozens of papers would not be enough, maybe not even a book. Nu Skin has brought such quality values into my life, other options and opened the path into personal and social growth. I see so much sense in our daily work. We help people to feel better, to look better and to make them more successful, and we even receive feedback, so we do not just idealise the form of the assistance, but it is real and happens every day.

Good friends entered into our lives with Nu Skin, who we like to meet every day and we enjoy the joint business journey with quality friendship and shared moments. With Nu Skin, my husband and I experienced very interesting trips, day-to-day challenges, life endurance tests and sometimes also courage. Without exaggeration, I can say that what we experienced with Nu Skin in three years, some people would not experience in 30 just because they do not have an open mind for new opportunities in their lives and they do not leave their comfort zone.

Nu Skin means free and meaningful business without borders to us and our way can be characterised by the motto: “Our success is your opportunity.”