Gabriela Nováková & Jaroslav Novák

Gabriela Nováková & Jaroslav Novák

Gabriela_ Jaroslav

As the quote goes, “Opportunity dances with those who are ready on the dance floor.” Well, something similar happened to us.                                                                                  

We were introduced to the Nu Skin® Opportunity 6 years ago. We were entrepreneurs in significantly different fields. Both businesses were successfully run. We understood this opportunity as a way of setting up a joint venture and as a chance to change our lifestyle. We appreciated the advantages of Nu Skin® business through the experiences from our previous businesses. As we are used to working and we like to work, we created a fully deployed team at the very beginning of our Nu Skin® career. We became Executives in one month and Ruby Executives in 4. Our first mutual goal was to become Ruby Executives and attend the Ruby Trip. We attended the Ruby Trip together with the Global Convention. It was a crucial moment in our further progress. It enabled us to experience all the theory we knew. We saw it with our own eyes how huge and never-ending this opportunity was. We have developed a real bond between us and Nu Skin®.


The Ruby Trip is a crucial moment for every single Nu Skin® Distributor. Our current pin title is Blue Diamond. We are a part of an amazing team in Slovakia. We meet a large number of new, interesting people; we travel and have our visions, goals and plans. Nu Skin® products and especially people connected to Nu Skin® have become a part of our life. Our life is happier, more balanced and we see our future with firmer contours.


We have two great sons called Adrián and Roman. We are creating our future together with them. We cooperate with fantastic people, who are our friends at the same time. Together with our whole team in Slovakia, we have big plans and common goals, which can help improve people’s lives. This is what has become our mission and life.


We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who believed in us, both upline and frontline. Many thanks to those, without whom it would not have been possible and thanks also goes to Nu Skin® Budapest office. We could not have been where we are today without the amazing team we are so lucky to be a part of.                        


We wish all our business partners to have their “why”, set their goals, be determined and persistent to get through the whole journey and find the greatest success. We trust you and we look forward to seeing the growing success of both the entire team and individual leaders.


Gabriela Nováková & Jaroslav Novák – Blue Diamonds from Slovakia