Alla Nazarova


When I was told about “Nu Skin”, there were a lot of questions in my head: “Is it true? Is it really possible to target both the signs and sources of ageing?” And many other questions. However, I didn’t pose these questions to my inspired and energetic sponsors, Juliya Golubeva and Asthik Arutyunyan. The best way to find answers to my questions was to try how it actually would work on my reality. That’s why I set a goal - to work for three months and see where all this would lead.

I have two specialisations by education – geochemistry and economy. For a long time, I have been working in a large company related to mining. One day, I realised that I wanted to create my own business and worked independently. I was in search of what would be joyful for me and bring maximum benefit for the people around me.

That’s why in June, when my meeting with Nu Skin leaders occurred, I signed up and started the business at the end of that very month. After three months, I was sure that everything that I was told was true! And what’s more, the reality was even more impressive!

In September, I qualified as a Ruby Executive. In October, I attended the Convention in Budapest. And    it turned out that with my strong results, I was one of the top five European leaders invited to an exclusive meeting with Nu Skin management  – Mikael Linder and Daniel Chard. In November, I qualified as an Emerald Executive.

Attending the Convention in Budapest last year was a very important milestone for me. It showed me how high the Nu Skin culture is, how inspired the leaders from the other countries are, and how supportive the management of the company is towards its business partners.

In spring, there were many wonderful events – Lapis Trip, Ruby Summit, Ruby Trip to USA, and visiting Nu Skin’s headquarters and meeting with the founders. Everything was like a fairy tale! I am so grateful to Nu Skin for these wonderful opportunities.

I would like to sincerely thank all my business partners from Yakutsk, who believed and started this business with me in one team, who constantly support each other and continue to grow despite the long distance and the many difficulties. I am very, very happy and proud that this time three leaders from Yakutsk will attend the Lapis Trip in Moscow – Ruby Executive, Borisova Tuiara; Lapis Executive, Pavlova Alena; business partners from Stavropol and Krasnodarskii region and Totonova Anna. My success is your success. It’s our success! And success with Nu Skin is inevitable! Also, huge gratitude and appreciation to the leaders from Norilsk, Moscow and Sochi.

And, of course, I would like to express my heartfelt and deepest appreciations to my family – my husband, children, mother and aunts, who constantly support me and help in every step of my journey. My husband Vladimir is my main fan of Nu Skin products and business. Thank very much, my dearest!