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Kaajal Chotoo / Executive Brand Director

“Great success requires greater sacrifice.” Sachin Prabhu


This is something I have come to understand since embracing the Nu Skin business opportunity in order to improve the quality of life I have with my family. With a very supportive husband and two beautiful girls, I can’t think of a bigger reason to want to reach success in this business.


I studied Business Communications and settled for a full time job working long hours, but it was time I didn’t get to spend with my loved ones and family.  I was always looking for a way to improve our quality of life.


I was browsing social media when I came across a post for Nu Skin in November 2016. I was very sceptical, but after some investigation I decided to partner with Nu Skin and start my journey to success.  We tried the products and immediately knew this was the right partnership, so we told all our friends and family right away in order to gather as many testimonials from them as we could to help us get started.  It wasn’t an easy journey when I started out; it took me a year to reach Brand Representative, but after reaching this title, we dropped back down. We simply decided to put in the extra effort to make Nu Skin work, and we eventually managed to reach the title of Executive Brand Director.


We have just returned from a trip to Spain attending a massive Success Summit where I had the honour of speaking in front of over 2500 people – something I never imagined would happen.  This entire journey has proven to me that no matter where you come from, what experience you have or what your lifestyle is, you can achieve your goals, as long as you believe in them and are willing to put in the hard work needed to reach success.


Your positive action combined with positive thinking results in success.


June 2019






Generating meaningful compensation as a Brand Affiliate requires considerable time, effort, and commitment. This is not a get rich quick program, there are no guarantees of financial success and results will vary widely among participants.

A complete summary of earnings at each level in the Sales Performance Plan can be found here under ”2017 EMEA Distributor Compensation Summary”