How to participate

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How to participate

Europe, Israel and South Africa
To participate in the challenge, the Distributors should use the Nike+ system which will track all participants running results.  

The Nike+ system consists of a small sensor that should be attached to your shoe, which records the distance of your runs. It communicates with either the Nike+ Sportband, the Nike+ iPod Sport kit, which is a receiver plugged into the iPod nano or the Nike+ Sensor, which is directly connected to a second or third Generation iPod Touch, iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4. The three devices can be purchased at your local sports store.

Once the Nike+ device is connected to your computer, it uploads your workout data onto the Nike+ website where we will have a Miles for Smiles challenge page. After you have joined the challenge, every kilometre you run will count towards reaching the targets!

Participating in the challenge is easy!


  1. Get the Nike+ system of your choice.
  2. Visit the Nike+ website and create your account.
    IMPORTANT: In order to be recognised for your running, please use a nickname for your Nike+ account so that we can identify you (e.g. your real name or company name).
  3. Join the Miles for Smiles challenge on the Nike+ website as of 01 April, 2011. You will have to choose a regional team to run for. 
  5. After your run, connect the Nike+ device to your computer and upload the kilometre distance.

If you have further questions, visit NikeRunning website.

Russia and Ukraine
To participate, the Distributors will use a basic pedometer which counts the kilometres they run. Afterwards, Distributors need to send a picture which shows their pedometer results to their Account Manager.  

These will then be added to the global EMEA running results.