Rick & Elane Palmer and Nathan & Darcy Palmer

A desire to attain freedom was, and continues to be, the driving force behind Nathan and Darcy Palmer’s Nu Skin business. As a former real estate broker with his own real estate and investment company, Nathan had success but not the life he wanted. “I didn’t really get to live … I was a slave to the game that I had to continually play to keep things afloat,” says Nathan. “Nu Skin has taken the helm and allowed me to enjoy the journey with my eyes forward instead of being stuck rowing the boat with my back to the future.” Nathan’s first goals were Blue Diamond and Team Elite—goals he believes a person must set from the very start. “Title or not, you have to begin as what you believe you will become,” he says. He does not believe there is a secret to success—people simply need to move forward with hard effort and perseverance and never stop.


Nathan’s father is his role model, because he taught Nathan that “the difference between those who have and those who don’t is those who will and those who won’t.” He also feels it is very important to really get to know the people who join your business, and that leadership is all about inspiring people to take action. For Nathan, adversity is part of the business. “When you know how much [adversity] can allow you to grow, it becomes a mountain of opportunity that can be scaled and conquered, not a sea of despair with no hope or direction.” As Nathan continues to grow his business today, his number one priority is to be a good husband and father, and he believes from there, service is just the natural result of striving to find ways to share with others what Nu Skin offers.