Mark & Jerri Mabry

Mark Mabry thought he had “made it” in September 1989 when he negotiated the sale of his and his father’s real estate company. He then became the regional director over Arizona. Soon, however, the realities of working for a large corporation set in. Two months later he was introduced to Nu Skin by a good friend and business partner. This put into motion a complete change in the way Mark and his wife, Jerri, worked, lived and played. After learning more about the company, they took a “product first, business second” approach to see if the products lived up to their claims. They did, and the Mabrys knew they had a winner.


Mark and Jerri present the company with a logical set of facts about the products and the business, and then they let people decide for themselves if they are interested. “We need to understand that we are only the messengers for this amazing opportunity,” says Mark. “You never want to prejudge people based on where you think they are in life.” Mark believes working your warm market is the most effective way to grow a team, since people will buy products or do the business with you for three reasons: 1) They know you, 2) They like you, or 3) They trust you.


The Mabrys have built their successful business by keeping an old adage clearly in mind:  “Saw now, sharpen later.” In other words, take action. “The windows that open with new divisions, countries and products open and close themselves too quickly to waste time researching and analyzing,” says Mark. He also advises never taking yourself too seriously, but take what you do seriously. “Our objective is to surround ourselves with those who are brighter and smarter than we are.… The business explodes when this formula is put into play,” he emphasizes.