Mario Octavio Del Valle & Leticia Margarita Voirol

Mario Del Valle and Leticia Voirol had very compelling reasons for joining Nu Skin: They wanted to create a solid economic future for their children and generate income for their retirement. Mario and Leticia say reaching the Ruby level was interesting for them because it gave them the strength to keep advancing in title. The rank they enjoyed the most was Diamond, since it took a great deal of effort to reach that title. This was also the point when the couple knew they would be successful.


Leadership to this couple is maintaining a positive attitude even in difficult situations, and, through their own actions, always taking up the reins to guide their team. When challenges occur, they read motivational books and spend their time with like-minded individuals. They also make a point to remind everyone in their organization that Nu Skin is the perfect vehicle for taking them to the life of their dreams. To them it doesn't matter how many times you fall. It’s picking yourself back up that its important.


Mario and Leticia say one of the most important things they have learned from their Nu Skin business is that their own success only happens if they help others reach their goals. To help their team members find their own success, Mario and Leticia remind them that they must have a strong belief in the company and its products, and, most of all—they must believe in themselves. In addition, they say distributors must have a passion for what they are doing, be patient, consistent, persistent, and committed.


Now that Mario and Leticia have gained their financial freedom, they enjoy helping others by supporting the Force for Good Foundation. They also love guiding and influencing people to live with integrity and honesty as they help them attain a life filled with abundance, prosperity, love, and understanding.