Jonathan Hillbery & John & Kathie Whittaker

John Whittaker was a career military man, serving 23 years in the United States Marine Corps, before retiring as a Lieutenant Colonel in 1997. Next he became a corporate executive until he and Kathie started their own retail nutrition store in 2002. A year later they created a talk radio show focusing on nutrition. When they were introduced to the BioPhotonic Scanner in 2005, they decided to make the Scanner part of their nutrition business and work the business part-time.


John was drawn to the science and quality of the products when he and Jonathan Hillbery teamed up to build their Nu Skin business. In time, John realized there is a big difference between owning a store and building a direct selling business that offers real freedom. When a hurricane hit Florida in October 2005 and greatly damaged his nutrition business (the same time that he received a large commission check), he knew it was time to focus on Nu Skin.


John always looks for fun people for his team, and he puts a new spin on the marine philosophy of never leaving a marine behind—now he tries never to leave a distributor behind as he helps his team members fulfill their dreams. 


Jonathan Hillbery became a Nu Skin distributor February 28, 2005, at 5:30 p.m.—a date and time he well remembers since he had complete confidence he would be successful. “There was never, and has never been, a doubt [I would be successful],” he says. “The only question was how fast and how much time I had available to make it work.”


Jonathan managed his free time very efficiently. He worked closely with his business partner, John Whittaker, and consistently followed up with people. “Sometimes I would end a conversation with, ‘Is it okay if I call you back in about 60 days to share what’s happening?’ I’d put their contact information in my calendar for 40 days later … I rarely missed that call,” he says. If the person still wasn’t interested, he would repeat the process. “In the end, many joined my team as timing is everything in this business.”


Jonathan keeps his team growing by endorsing and supporting daily accountability and goal creation, and encourages his team members to follow the compensation plan to make retail sales, build Executives and become “Executive factories.” Along with John and Kathy Whittaker, he and his wife, Michele, give back by participating as Nourish the Children Chief Ambassadors.