Wayne & Cheryl Huffman and Chris & Shelly Keller and Shayna Whiting

Cheryl Huffman became a believer in the power of direct selling when her first son was only six months old. At the time she was an elementary teacher working on her master’s degree. She was introduced to a network marketing company, and she immediately grasped the potential of its leveraged income concept. She did well with this first business. However, once she and her husband, Wayne, became familiar with Nu Skin, they knew they had found “a home” and long-term business. Cheryl says she didn’t require motivation, because she had a “sink or swim” mentality about making her Nu Skin business successful. She set three goals for herself: reach Executive, Blue Diamond, and Team Elite.


Cheryl and Wayne most certainly did not sink, and today they are helping others enjoy the time and financial freedom they experience on a regular basis. The Huffmans love traveling, so they especially appreciate the luxurious trips they attend as Team Elite Executives. Cheryl says she continues to be inspired by the amazing people associated with Nu Skin. She feels the company attracts the highest caliber of leaders she has ever seen, and she loves hearing the stories of the company’s “pioneers” who initially helped grow Nu Skin to its impressive position in the direct selling industry. For Cheryl and Wayne, their business is all about creating lasting relationships. “Some of my best friends are in this business,” says Cheryl.


Wayne and Cheryl feel they are “blessed to bless others,” and they advise new distributors to first see themselves as successful individuals. “I say, ‘See it, believe it, achieve it,’” says Cheryl. As the Huffmans continue to help others fulfill their dreams, Cheryl always keeps a Zig Ziglar quote in mind: “If you inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more, you are a leader.”