Lindsay & Rosceline Hobbs

Canada’s Roz Hobbs was a network marketing veteran prior to joining Nu Skin. An entrepreneur at a young age, she knew the right company in the industry had the potential to give her and her husband, Lindsay, financial freedom. That’s exactly why she joined Nu Skin. She quickly learned, however, that it was a lot more fun and rewarding to help change other people’s lives with the products and business.


To help her stay motivated after she joined the company, Roz listened to the stories of successful distributors and also made sure to attend events—one of the keys she feels to staying on target with your goals.

In addition to attending events, Roz advises new distributors to recruit constantly and to keep connected with the people and training. She says she was “all about getting to Team Elite,” so she considered each title advancement a stepping stone toward reaching that goal. Roz’s journey with Nu Skin immersed her in a culture of giving back and serving others. She feels an incredible sense of belonging with the company, and feels she and Lindsay are part of something very big and exciting that enables them to change lives in a dramatic way. From her mentors she has learned persistence and patience, leadership, and a sense of urgency. She’s also learned that sometimes you just have to “say the tough things.” She advises distributors to have a true desire to change their lives and always to be coachable. She also believes you must “put the blinders on” and ignore what others are doing and saying.


Roz and Lindsay now enjoy the financial freedom they were seeking as well as traveling and the many friendships created through their business. They also improve lives by purchasing and donating VitaMeal through the Nourish the Children initiative.