Derek Tillotson

Derek Tillotson was literally born into Nu Skin—his mother, Sandie Tillotson, was pregnant with him when she and the other founders created the company, and he attended his first Nu Skin opportunity meeting when he was just seven days old. He became a distributor himself when he was a senior in high school, and built his business while attending college. He credits meeting his wife, M’Kenzie, for getting his business “off the ground,” since he then realized he had someone to work with on his “why.”


Derek and M’Kenzie’s “why” is their family. Derek knew he wanted to create the same environment he experienced growing up as the child of parents who had made Nu Skin their careers. He has been able to create that life, which he and M’Kenzie now enjoy with their two sons. Derek says his first motivation for becoming a Nu Skin distributor was the BioPhotonic Scanner. “I didn’t want to miss out on the opportunity,” he says. “I had watched enough waves come and go and didn’t want to miss this one … the fear of missing out made me take action, and my ‘why’ held me to it.”


Derek calls Nu Skin an accelerated growth program—he credits the company for shaping every aspect of his life. “I’ll be forever grateful for the person Nu Skin has helped me to become,” says Derek. Thanks to his journey with the company, Derek has learned that a leader is someone who combines a dream or vision with total commitment, and who has a “why” stronger than any setbacks that occur. And he knows that a successful distributor has to tell the Nu Skin story over and over. “If you tell the story to enough people, you’ll get better at it, and you’ll find the people who are like-minded,” he adds.