Brandi Wells

Brandi Wells


Briefly share with us your team’s strategy in our most recent LTO.

Our team was blessed to attend Nathan Ricks’ training and we implemented his instruction to the best of our ability.  We searched for potential business builders that were looking to jump start their journey to Executive with the surge provided by the LTO.


Please explain how the most recent LTO has reshaped your business and strategy.

The LTO provided our team with the inspiration that we can compress a significant amount of focus into a short period of time and achieve great results.


What was the greatest success you experienced during our most recent LTO? 

Our team created that elusive “ah ha” moment, the one that you can only get with an LTO of this magnitude.  We learned that a reach for the stars attitude, backed with massive action and effort, will get you to the finish line.


What challenges did you face during our most recent LTO? How did you overcome them?

Marketing a product at this price point requires finesse.  We took an approach to explore each individual  customer’s perspective on fitness and wellness.  We explained TR90 in detail, showed results, and discussed their health goals.  There is no other way to look at this product – it’s an investment, a lifestyle solution.  It’s the foundation for healthier behaviors that will last a lifetime!


How has the LTO model influenced the way you train and coach your down line?

The LTO model gives you an opportunity to run with your team and collectively reach for a goal that has a definite time frame.  It’s measurable.  It’s a new start or another chance to perform.  It’s a way to achieve great success rapidly.  It is also a building block that allows for new team members to jump right in, see themselves in action, and enjoy the incentives that are so abundant with Nu Skin.


What lessons have you learned from the LTO process?

Our mentors have worked through this process previously and provided us with an unparalleled outline.  Bill and Julie Toth have mastered the system and shared with each of us the necessary tools for incredible results.  Nathan Ricks is clear in his message to be diligent and recognizing that the opportunity doesn’t end after the LTO.  Another critical lesson learned was using the LTO to create and assist Executive qualification. Having a strategic plan to reach Ruby, and higher still, is key to achieving one’s dreams for a swifter advancement.


What are you doing now to plan and prepare for the next LTO?

We are building strong executives who learn and know our duplication model, as well as the LTO process.  We are committed to working on personal development individually, knowing that it will increase our LTO outcomes as we lead with greater confidence and vision.


What are your goals with our next LTO?

We have set some high, yet attainable goals and are currently establishing action plans to reach them.  I’m excited to see the team grow and thrive, commensurate with their efforts.  With increasing LTO experience, I see a great rhythm in the business. I also see chances for personal growth and expansion of teams by committing to sharing this opportunity with each contact we make.