Yuka Ono

Yuka Ono


Yuka Ono moved to the U.S. in 1982, with a dream of working in glamorous New York City. She quickly started her career there as a personal assistant for an immigration law firm.  She ambitiously worked her way up through various positions and eventually was invited to head the firm’s efforts in establishing a new international office in Tokyo. While Yuka relished these career victories, the stress of her job, coupled with personal tragedies, took a serious toll and she began to lose sight of her other hopes and dreams.


Still struggling years later, a friend introduced her to Nu Skin’s skincare products and supplements. Yuka relates, “At first I was hesitant, but became convinced by Nu Skin’s unparalleled science and commitment to addressing the needs of the body, both inside and out. It was these incredible products that convinced me to take a closer look at the company’s unique business opportunity.”

Despite having no experience in network marketing, Yuka completed her qualification to become an Executive with the aid and constant support of her best friend and up-line leaders. She has since learned how to work as a teammate and not just an employee, and is grateful for the phenomenal leaders she works with to this day.


In building her Nu Skin business, Yuka has found her hopes and dreams once more. Now engaged in Nu Skin full-heartedly, Yuka has no more time to dwell on the past or her previous career, as the current opportunity is proving both exciting and rewarding.  Her blossoming, radiant optimism also plays a huge factor in her success – “I am very motivated to share my experience with people, even with those who are complete strangers.  Every day is a challenge for me, but it is fun!”


As a veteran of the first two Success Trips, Yuka is currently working diligently towards qualifying for the upcoming trip to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Her persistent enthusiasm and commitment has carried her thus far, and we cheer her on as she strives towards her goal of becoming a Diamond Executive later this year.