Yan Liang & Gang Wang

Yan Liang & Gang Wang


Having completed her university studies of Business Management in China, Yan Liang was passionate to begin her career as a businesswoman abroad. She looked forward to utilizing her training in interacting directly with customers, learning their needs, and offering them tailored solutions. When she discovered the Nu Skin opportunity through the ageLOC Facial Spa, she was ecstatic to learn that there was a business component in conjunction with such revolutionary products and science.


Transitioning to direct sales occurred organically as Yan began sharing her product experiences with her close circle of friends. Positive reactions from her associates fueled both her confidence and desire to expand her interactions to include prospects outside her immediate sphere of influence. Yan reflects, “It was easy to confidently talk about the products because I had already tried the majority of them and I was sure of their efficacy. As I continued to open my mouth and provide testimonials, my belief that I needed to share with everyone who would listen grew stronger. I love this business model!”


As Yan has faced trials amidst her progression to Executive and beyond, she has consistently returned to her team for daily support. Each member, regardless of their position or title, has played an integral role in aiding and guiding Yan as she navigates challenges. “I believe that it easier to solve problems when you routinely involve your team. I rely upon my teammates during difficult times, and they buoy me up. They inspire me to take action in the face of adversity. I am blessed with fantastic companions on my journey.”


And throughout the obstacles she has faced, her leaders have stood resolute beside her. In addition to their profound leadership, Yan’s up lines have also taught her how to grow as an individual. “More than anything else, they have taught me how to turn weaknesses and fears into strengths and inspirations, by tackling them head on and practicing personal development. From tasks like closing a deal to involved managerial challenges like building an organization, they have shown me through example and instruction how to become the leader I am today.”


Having reached her goal of becoming a Blue Diamond, Yan now has her sights set firmly on her next target – becoming a Team Elite with a robust group of likeminded leaders. Not one to wait for her dreams to materialize, she has developed a comprehensive plan to reach her goal by holding a free expo party each month this year, leveraging these occasions to expand her team and recruit new customers.