Vickie Sears & George Dick

Vickie Sears & George Dick


Vickie Sears and George Dick were overworked and underpaid owners of several furniture stores when they encountered Nu Skin in 1990. At the time, they felt locked into their circumstances and unable to break free from the rigid and demanding life of being small business owners. Not only did they desire greater financial prosperity, they frequently discussed how they could possibly transition to careers that would offer them freedom of time as well. When they discovered Nu Skin and recognized that direct selling provided a path to attain both of their ambitions, they resolutely decided to commit full-heartedly to the opportunity.


            During their first few years with Nu Skin, Vickie and George discovered that the true challenge was not understanding the products nor mastering the nuances of the industry – it was finding the motivation to consistently strive for greater things. After initially attaining moderate success, yet struggling with plateaus in their business growth, Vickie and George resolved to figure out their ‘why’. With their purpose firmly in place, the couple set out to establish strong, achievable, and structured goals to help guide their efforts in the proper direction. “We wrote them down, set a deadline, and we’ve stuck to the plan!”


            After a considerable investment of time and labor, Vickie says that she and George now enjoy “financial security, freedom to set our own schedules, and stability of health”. Their diligence, combined with their measured goal setting, has transformed them into leaders with a strong organization. “Our vision is to watch an army of our successful team members walk across the stage. If you have not yet experienced that feeling, it is indescribable! Nu Skin has given us youth, energy, and most importantly, excitement. This company has enabled us to dream again and experience the opportunity to turn those aspirations into reality. Nu Skin is the vehicle for impacting countless lives.”


            Now as veteran Ruby Executives, Vickie and George are dedicated to reaching their next milestone – Blue Diamond. They recognize the challenge that rests before them and are enthused, rather than fearful, of that prospect. “Is this an aggressive goal? Absolutely! But with our strong ‘why’ entrenched, clearly defined goals, a superior system of duplication, and the unwavering aid of our Sales Manager, Katie Dow, we have our plan mapped out and we will be successful in achieving our dream. Just you wait and see!”