Todd Wright

Todd Wright


Having enjoyed myriad careers, including painting, private practice counseling, and life/executive coaching, Todd Wright has experienced more professionally in his lifetime than most. A common thread through his endeavors has been the thrill of watching transformation occur when someone finishes a complicated task or realizes a goal through determined action. “Knowing their journey, then witnessing the joy in their countenance as they accomplish the next step in their path is incredible!”


Becoming involved with Nu Skin began with an invitation to learn more about the opportunity from his associate, Bruce Fowler. It wasn’t long before Todd had his first positive experience with the business and it “was the purest, truest measure of success a new distributor could ask for – someone simply responding with ‘tell me more’. It was affirmation that our system of inviting and educating fundamentally works.”


Despite tasting triumph early on in his Nu Skin journey, Todd has had his share of setbacks and challenges. What keeps him on track and motivated is a robust program of personal development, grounded in activities that take care of his personal health, in all of its facets. These practices aid him in clarifying his purpose and keep him moving forward, onto the next victory.


Recognizing the influence his team has played in his success, Todd extols “I love working with the professional, talented, and driven individuals that make up our organization. My approach is to act as a mentor – guiding, staying in frequent contact, and listening to my teammates as they develop into their own unique selves. It also helps to have such a magnificent, stable system of duplication and leadership provided by my up lines.”


Setting a firm goal to reach Blue Diamond, Todd dreams of the day where his wife can make the choice to continue working or stay at home. The promise of freedom to make financial and life choices bereft of binding restraints such as limited income and time motivates this fierce, new leader to passionately strive each day towards greater excellence.