Ting Chen

Ting Chen


While currently entrenched in her undergraduate studies of Business Economics in Los Angeles, Ting Chen has managed to still find time to forge a thriving business. When she discovered the TR90 weight management system and ageLOC Facial Spa online, Ting knew she had discovered an opportunity with immense potential.


What appealed to her beyond the products was the flexibility Nu Skin provides and the lack of a big investment required to start a proper business. Without much time to intern with other companies, Nu Skin provides critical hands-on experience in running a startup. She exclaims, “There isn’t a more ideal beginning business for young professionals than this – it’s perfect!”


Ting fondly recalls the achievement and significance in reaching Ruby. Using the Success Trip as her motivation and goal, Ting stayed motivated despite regular obstacles and frustrations in establishing her organization and recruiting fellow leaders. “I refused to let outside forces determine the degree of my success. I knew the quality of Nu Skin’s products was demonstrable and superior. I knew the opportunity would bless the lives of others. And I knew, most importantly, that if I committed full heartedly and took action, my dreams would come true.”


One of the critical elements to Ting’s success has been the staunch, continuous support from her cadre of allies and up lines. Operating in different countries, they’ve had to overcome many obstacles in distance and logistics, but with ingenuity and determination, their team has found a way to make it work.

Recently they’ve instituted a regular online chat session to address the needs of each team member and to assure that everyone understands the vision of the team.  “With constant communication and frequent attendance at corporate meetings, we stay in touch and have the chance to build one another up in person. Before Nu Skin, I didn’t have that many friends here. Now I am blessed to share the company of over one hundred team members!”


Now a Blue Diamond, Ting’s next goal is to further strengthen her down line’s organizations. “If I have learned anything from my up line leaders and friends it is this – success means more than personally achieving your dreams. Without the triumph of your partners alongside you, your success will ring hollow and lack true purpose. As we commit to each other, our lives and businesses will flourish.”