Tien Dang

Tien Dang


Tien Dang is no stranger to adversity, having survived multiple refugee camps in the process of leaving Vietnam and pursuing a better life in Canada. Without a formal education or competent command of the English language, Tien initially struggled to find his niche, and a profession to support his family. Finally securing a position as a postal service employee, Tien learned the values of diligence and honest labor. Alas, while it allowed him to support his family, his career never felt sufficient or rewarding. Tien wanted to find his dream job, something that would allow him to achieve true prosperity.


Fortuitously, a friend casually introduced Tien to the Nu Skin opportunity, which instantly piqued his interest. Knowing he possessed both the skills and attributes necessary to be a successful distributor, Tien began building his business part-time, while shuffling a demanding and ever-changing postal schedule.


From the outset, Tien faced rejection as he relentlessly shared the opportunity with associates and strangers alike. However, in a remarkably short timeframe and in spite of constant challenges, he has risen to Diamond Executive status! Acknowledging the inestimable support of his up line leaders, he rejoices “So many individuals have aided me in reaching this glorious point of my Nu Skin career. Every leader, from our Team Elites to my individual sponsor, has played a crucial role in my success. Each has walked this path with me, each has lifted me up.”


With the New Year and recent successes, Tien has finally found the freedom to leave his postal career behind and dedicate all his time and efforts to his flourishing Nu Skin organization. And his commitment is evident in his new habits “To achieve my dream, to get here, it required me being coachable, consistently listening to our conference calls, and of course, attending every business event.” Tien is not only qualified for the next Success Trip, but has plans in place to bring a large portion of his team with him! We celebrate Tien’s incredible enthusiasm and remarkable achievement in accomplishing his dream – finding the perfect career.