Teresa Zhang

Teresa Zhang


Blessed with the unique experience of growing up with Nu Skin, Teresa Zhang learned early on in life how impactful both the products and opportunity are. Her mother, Yali Ma, was thoroughly engaged in the Nu Skin business, and Teresa learned firsthand both the trials and successes of being a distributor leader.


As university approached, Teresa decided to follow her passion to major in Food and Nutritional Science. At the time, she couldn’t comprehend how Nu Skin could mesh comfortably with her career plans. Having seen many successful distributors, Teresa believed that only those with finely honed communication skills and vast social connections could flourish. She now muses “I was very grateful to be proven wrong.”


The summer break of her second year in university proved to be a game-changer. During this hiatus, Teresa was fortunate enough to meet her mother’s sponsor. She instructed Teresa on the business and shared her personal experience in becoming a successful leader. Her story of triumph and perseverance not only resonated profoundly with Teresa, it reaffirmed what she wanted to attain and become in life. Initially treating it as a part-time endeavor, Teresa was confident that she had more to gain than lose in embarking upon Nu Skin career. “I had faith that if I followed the path of these successful individuals, I would find myself becoming more like them.”


Inspired and determined, Teresa set a firm goal to be able to support herself financially to the degree her parents had provided her growing up. How pleasantly surprised was she when she accomplished this goal in the same year she graduated from university! Without missing a beat, Teresa has transitioned to building her Nu Skin business full-time.


As a new Blue Diamond and blossoming leader in Canada, Teresa is ecstatic with the opportunity Nu Skin provides. “I know that Nu Skin truly continues to create dreams for us. Whenever we accomplish one goal, there’s another challenge waiting for us. Overtime, our imagination, perspective, and ability expand without limits.”