Ted Holt

Ted Holt


An avid surfer, skier, and cyclist, Ted Holt had carved out the idyllic life balanced between work and play. Serving as the Director of Injury Prevention for thirty-five nursing facilities, he is often engaged in challenging and rewarding situations. When presented with the Nu Skin opportunity by a close associate, Ted immediately recognized that here was unique chance to blend his professional and personal passions into a compelling new career.


Shortly thereafter, while attending a distributor event in Provo, Utah, Ted and his wife Sally were impressed with the science and quality of products provided by Nu Skin. Additionally, the emphasis and direction of the company’s Force For Good initiatives resonated with the couple’s desire to leave a legacy of substance and purpose. The final component of cementing their commitment was receiving their Biophotonic Scanner scores – demonstrable proof of the innovation behind Nu Skin’s products and encouragement to continue their healthy lifestyles.


Ted’s first success in the business came when he began to align himself with the instruction of his up line leaders, Dr. Larry & Cheryl Couture. By listening to and implementing their wise counsel, Ted was able to plan and execute a profitable LTO strategy that yielded impressive results, far beyond his initial expectations.


Ted credits the rest of his team with playing a fundamental role in his continued success. “I’m surrounded by enterprising entrepreneurs who think outside the box and constantly inspire me to greatness. I am learning the nuances of the business as I partner with them in presenting to health care providers and wellness professionals. The hands-on experience is incredible!”


Currently building towards Ruby and qualifying for our next Success Trip, Ted Holt is motivated daily by his ambitious goals. “I’ve written them down and committed to them with the full measure of my capability. I show my commitment by taking action and inviting others constantly to hear the opportunity and learn from our expert up line leaders. Following up regularly guarantees that I am giving the maximum effort to achieve my dreams and I rest assured knowing I have given my all in the pursuit of my ‘why’ – my dear family."