Susan Wood

Susan Wood


Dedicating her life to assisting children with autism, Susan Wood has spent the majority of her career serving as the Director for the Hope Center 4 Autism in Fort Worth, Texas. Having helped found the center, she has played an instrumental role in the center’s daily care. Her enthusiasm in providing people life-changing opportunities has prepared her perfectly for a new opportunity with Nu Skin.


Susan was introduced to the business through a mutual acquaintance, Caryn Fitzgerald, who was inspired by Susan’s passion for people, believing her to be a natural fit for Nu Skin. Caryn knew that the principles that guide and develop Nu Skin leaders would resonate with Susan’s powerful personal drive to bless and up lift others.


However, tackling a new business, while still serving as Director for the Hope Center, proved taxing –

Susan needed a partner. Her husband and high school sweetheart, Glenn, proved to be the perfect companion on her Nu Skin journey. He routinely reminds her of her considerable abilities and supports her business building activities. While struggles still arise, this duo is committed to handling them as a team. “We work it out together. We do everything together, whether it’s for the center or our Nu Skin venture. Balance is critical.”


In addition to Glenn, Susan is buoyed by her up line partners. Their non-intrusive, yet ever-present leadership style has been fundamental in helping Susan transition to a career in network marketing. She is grateful for their guidance and learns from their example with each interaction.


Her support framework in place, Susan has blossomed into a leader herself. Her recent success in leveraging the LTO to build her business resulted in her first Executive breakaway and reaching Gold Executive status. This victory has proven to be a monumental first step in her journey towards becoming a Ruby Executive and qualifying for the next Success Trip. As Susan continues to be a force for good in her community and her Nu Skin network, we have no doubt she’ll continue blessing the lives of others.