Soo Hyang Ahn & Jonghyun Park

Soo Hyang Ahn & Jonghyun Park


With her husband pursuing a Master’s Degree, Ahn Soo Hyang found herself working as a travel agent and cook for a Japanese restaurant in order to afford his expensive education while helping to provide and care for their family. The hectic schedule and time apart from the family wore on Ahn and left her looking for another solution to financial freedom. Ahn’s answer came when she was visiting Korea for her mother’s 70th birthday. Ahn’s brother was growing an organization with Nu Skin and saw what a great opportunity it would be for Ahn. Just like that, Ahn was enthralled with Nu Skin, the products, and the opportunities it presented before her.


With excitement of the new possibilities before her, Ahn took every opportunity to work on her business. “When I came back to America, I used every chance to share the business with others. I even would do Nu Skin facial demonstrations during my breaks while working at the restaurant.”  Ahn did not let the excitement wear off, as she found her first success achieving the Ruby pin title and qualifying for the Hawaii Success Trip.


Ahn uses Nu Skin’s vision as a motivation for her business, striving to also be a “force for good” to those in her organization and others around her. Even with her success, Ahn is aware there will be times of opposition during her growth. “There have been those challenges were I have fallen down from obstacles in my way. I have made it a point to always focus my strength in getting back up and continuing to support my organization. It’s important to always remember your ‘why’ for doing the business when these challenges come. I like to look back and read about successful leaders that came before me in order to remind myself of my ‘why,’ as well as find motivation to keep going.”


Ahn’s dream is to achieve financial freedom and build a healing center for missionaries and children in Korea that can provide a place for rest. Ahn plans on being able to afford this by setting goals of becoming Team Elite and a One Million Dollar Circle member with her Nu Skin business.  Attributing much of her success to the coaching from her upline, Ahn learned how to multiply and duplicate, while maintaining good relationships, and the importance of being a good leader to her organization. “Nu Skin is all about team work. In the end, helping others to achieve their goals will make you one step closer to achieving your own.”