Sarah Zhu



Embarking for Canada after high school, Sarah Zhu began her study of Mathematics at the University of Waterloo in Ontario. Earnest to prove herself and establish a foundation for her future, Sarah applied herself diligently to her studies and began making various post-graduate plans. It was during this period of weighing and considering career options that Sarah was introduced to Nu Skin.


A fellow classmate knew of Sarah’s passion for skincare products and reckoned the opportunity would be a perfect fit for her. Sarah was elated when she learned that not only could she purchase remarkable products, she could sell them! The Nu Skin business model provided an alternative path professionally, and after much deliberation, she determined to fully invest herself in direct selling and forgo other jobs.


With her up line leaders living across the country in Vancouver, Sarah began a proactive approach of taking personal responsibility for her training. Utilizing company resources, online materials, and her account manager, she leveraged these tools in conjunction with her up line’s remote instruction to quickly master the fundamentals of running a successful organization.


Less than a year into the business, Sarah has founded a stable, growing group in eastern Canada and attained Blue Diamond Status. She credits her remarkable rise to prosperity to learning firsthand what leadership truly means “The first lesson I learned after joining Nu Skin is not only must we become great leaders, we need to help others become great as well. We’re not fighting this fight alone! We have many people on our side, right there with us in the trenches. As we focus on the same goals and work as a team, we naturally help one another along the way to greater abundance, in all its forms.”


Enthusiastically, Sarah considers herself a champion for the company’s business model, and she seeks every occasion to share the opportunity with others. She proclaims “Nu Skin has been my first step into the workplace and will definitely prove to be a springboard to future success in life. In my wildest dreams, I never imagined myself doing something like this. I’m so proud and excited to tell the whole world that I’m part of Nu Skin, part of the greatest partnership there is.”