Rick Geha



With a father working for Lockheed Martin, Rick Geha was fortunate to travel frequently as a child. Living in Saudi Arabia, Greece, Lebanon, and Los Angeles, he saw much of the world at a young age and learned the importance of being an active, giving citizen. As he grew older, he often found himself serving with non-profit organizations and participating in other philanthropic efforts. With his passion for giving back to communities, Rick found a kindred spirit in Nu Skin’s commitment to being a Force for Good.


Professionally, Rick has been employed in residential real estate for 34 years. A part-owner of three Keller Williams realty franchises, along with heading a real estate team that consistently performs as one of the top producing in northern California, Rick is no stranger to hard work and success. When his girlfriend approached him regarding Nu Skin as a way to build an additional revenue stream, he considered the matter in detail and decided to join.


Prosperity wasn’t immediate however, as Rick swiftly built an organization and was closing in on Ruby when a series of complicated and challenging setbacks caused him to drop in title. Unfazed, Rick recommitted his efforts and applied the same long-term perspective he had mastered from his career in real estate. “I had decided long ago to adopt the mantra of many Nu Skin leaders that building a Blue Diamond team takes time and persistence. I refused to let these obstacles dissuade me from reaching my dream. I will never, ever quit this incredible opportunity!”


Motivated by his ‘why’, Rick seeks to be a “freedom pathfinder”, someone who takes their own path to freedom, blessing lives, and inviting others to find their own way. This passion for independence has driven his success in all his business endeavors and “Nu Skin is no different.”


Currently working diligently as a Lapis Executive to expand his team and qualify for our upcoming Success Trip to Punta Cana, Rick is furiously contacting prospects, inviting, and attending trainings to ensure the accomplishment of his dreams. His passion unrivaled, he triumphantly declares his secret for achievement “ASV is the KEY! Authenticity, sincerity, and vulnerability will transform your life. If you can adopt and incorporate these traits into your behavior every day, your world is guaranteed to change!”