Richard Mucci, MD

Richard Mucci, MD


Even as an 8th grade student, Richard Mucci knew that he wanted to be a doctor. Driven by his passion to better the lives of others through healthcare, Richard attended medical school. He next completed surgical training in San Francisco, and finally nestled himself in the historic wine country of northern California, where he practiced medicine for the next 30 years.


Richard certainly earned himself a break after such a prestigious and demanding career, but his rest was short-lived. Still moved by his passion to tend and heal people, Richard got himself busy once again by opening a specialty gym. Shortly after launching his new venture, Richard began comparing the difference between his previous emphasis on fixing people’s health problems and his gym’s focus on preventing some of the same problems. Yet, the gym wasn’t enough – “I wanted greater wellness and prevention for my clients.”


While seeking to address this desire, he met an individual who had a Biophotonic Scanner. Reluctant at first, Richard spent the following five months researching the device and the science supporting it. After being stunned by his initial scan, Richard was impressed by both the products and the Scanner. He then later integrated them into his gym’s business.


With the TR90 LTO, Richard has found his “why” in the business. The story of the product, with its emphasis on addressing weight management, is aligned with his original dream as a doctor. His enthusiasm for the program is tangible, which helps as he frequently encounters people wanting to achieve real weight management results. In addition, he’s learned valuable lessons on how to succeed, and in particular, the importance of urgency. “The human psyche thrives on urgency and responds to urgency. I need to continue learning how to convey urgency and to demonstrate and discuss it with excitement and consistency, in every interaction with my team.”


Richard counsels all those seeking to establish their motivation, “Find something in Nu Skin that really excites you and then commit to it with enthusiasm. Let that enthusiasm boil over and show it to the world. The world will listen!”